Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Montes, Forestal y del Medio Natural

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13073/0015-7473-59.10.72

Abstract: The mechanical properties of Abies pinsapo Boiss., a relict species from the south of Spain, have been studied very little due to the high level of protection that applies this species. Forest fire prevention measures have enabled the species to be characterized for the first time, including a comparison of its three regions of provenance (I. Sierra de Grazalema, II. Sierra Bermeja, III.Sierra de las Nieves). Tests were conducted using defect-free test pieces of small dimensions in accordance with the corresponding Spanish standard. In order to relate the findings to the wood anatomy, measurements were taken of tracheid length and diameter, tracheid wall thickness and number of rings per centimeter. The values per region of provenance (I, II, III) were: charpy impact strength 16.9±7.2, 12.4±3.7, 14.3±8.2 (J); MOR 74.9±19.3, 68.8±14.2, 71.1±22.0 (N/mm2); tensile strength perpendicular to the grain (tangential) 1.9±0.4, 2.0±0.4, 1.8±0.3 (N/mm2); tensile strength perpendicular to the grain (radial) 2.0±0.3, 2.0±0.2, 1.9±0.24 (N/mm2); splitting strength 2.4±0.2, 2.3±0.2, 2.3±0.2 (N/mm); compressive strength parallel to the grain 40.0±8.0, 39.9±7.9, 39.9±7.0 (N/mm2). The findings show that, in general the mechanical properties of wood from the three regions of provenance do not present statistically significant differences.